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Two Years Ago, We Hosted the 1st Ever Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform

More than 600 law makers, criminal justice leaders and influencers gathered together in a sold-out crowd to agree on one thing: now is the time for Criminal Justice Reform.

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Thank You to Our 2017 Day of Empathy Partners!

Our 1st Annual Day of Empathy would not have been a success without you.

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Sign the Petition: Demand #JusticeReformNOW

Posted by · May 03, 2017 10:30 AM · 3 reactions

Sign the Petition: Demand #JusticeReformNOW

In the wake of a new presidential administration and new directives from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Congress needs to act urgently to pass bipartisan criminal justice reform that sees the humanity of the 2.2 million people locked behind bars and 70 million with a criminal record.

One thing is very clear: America's criminal justice system is broken.

Both parties got us into this mess - Democrats and Republicans championed tough-on-crime laws that led to an 800% increase in the number of people in federal prison over the past 30 years. Fortunately, Democrats and Republicans have been vocal proponents to pass smart criminal justice legislation that reduces the prison populations and keeps our communities safer.

Two years ago, we launched #JusticeReformNOW, with 100+ celebrities and dozens of civil rights, criminal justice, and faith-based organizations joined, to call on Congress to work together and pass comprehensive criminal justice reform reforms.

The need for #JusticeReformNOW is important now more than ever.

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Poll after poll shows public support for these reforms, including reforming mandatory minimum sentencing, prioritizing treatment over incarceration, and reducing the number of people in our prisons and jails.

We need you to join this movement to unlock prison doors and open doors to new opportunity for the millions of men, women, and children that have fallen victim to the incarceration industry. Sign the petition here


#ClemencyNOW: 1,715 Commutations and A Second Chance

In 2014, President Barack Obama directed the Department of Justice to prioritize clemency for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders. After two years, the sluggish pace of reviews threatened to leave many deserving men and women behind bars when the President left office in January. 

#ClemencyNOW urged President Obama to fulfill his promise to thousands of non-violent drug offenders languishing in federal prisons.

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#RaiseTheAgeNY - We won!

#RaiseTheAgeNY: We won!

Posted by · May 02, 2017 10:44 AM · 1 reaction

#RaiseTheAgeNY: We won!

New York was one of only two states in the United States that prosecuted and sent youth as young as 16 to adult prisons. Our #RaiseTheAgeNY efforts centered on a policy issue state Democrats and Republicans could join together on to advance criminal justice reform and ensure public safety.

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