Now is the time to protect our kids!

Join us in urging Governor Brown to sign these important bills into law! 

Four #cut50-sponsored, bipartisan bills protecting our youth and communities were just passed by the California legislature:

  • SB394: A bill to End Juvenile Life Without Parole, bringing California into compliance with U.S. Supreme Court decisions that declared JLWOP unconstitutional;

  • SB395: A Youth Miranda Rights bill that would protect children facing police interrogation by requiring the presence of an attorney to help them understand their right to “remain silent;"

  • SB 312: A Sealing of Records for Juveniles bill would allow people convicted of a crime before their 17th birthday to petition a court and have their records sealed;

California has the largest prison system in the country. Republicans and Democrats came together to pass these bills because they recognize the fact that young people have incredible potential to change and mature.

Our Youth Need Your Support. Young people who have been incarcerated have a lower recidivism rate than other groups. Science is unequivocal about the fact that young people are still maturing into their mid-twenties.

Please sign this petition and let Governor Brown know that we shouldn’t just give up on our youth.

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