Julie Mai

Julie Mai is the Program Coordinator of #cut50. She handles various day-to-day operations for the initiative, including scheduling, event planning, policy research, creative content development, and executing other outreach activities to garner support for the criminal justice reform movement.

Prior to joining the #cut50 team, Julie worked in Development and Outreach at Human Rights Watch, where she was first exposed to the urgent need for justice reform through conversation with juvenile lifers at San Quentin State Prison. Formerly, Julie was an organizer for San Francisco Media Company, Insomniac Events, and Northern Nights Music Festival. She is passionate about collaborating with activists to educate the masses and advocating for social justice and equity through music, art, and media.

Julie graduated with a BS in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 2016, where she also founded the social action student organization, Culture Creators.

Follow Julie Mai on Twitter:@_juliemai_ 

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