Introducing the Series

In recent decades, the social norms around justice dictated draconian, “tough on crime” policies that led to the massive ballooning of our prison and jail populations. We need a new social norms that re-orients our society and our policies towards compassion, empathy, and data driven approaches to public safety.

This campaign is a concerted push to rehumanize incarcerated people - and especially those who were incarcerated for violent crimes committed as young adults or juveniles. In deep partnership and collaboration with people who are currently incarcerated and personally impacted the the criminal justice system, we want to help create a broad change in the national consensus on community safety, crime, and human dignity.

This will be the first time that a long-term, social media-driven video project will be directly led by men inside prison sharing their journey, perspectives, and life with the outside world.  

 Together we will:

  • Change the narrative: Use video storytelling to generate empathy for men incarcerated in San Quentin and millions of others impacted by a broken criminal justice system.

  • Inform the public: Help build better understanding of the issue with mainstream audiences.

  • Make a case for action: Mobilize a community of supporters to support transformative criminal justice policies in California and nationally.

  • Teach marketable skills: With the help of professional filmmakers and other experts, the program will give incarcerated men solid transferable skills in video production, video editing, storyboarding, camera work, lighting, editing, and storytelling.

We’re excited that you’re joining us on this journey and are deeply appreciative of your support!


Special Thanks To:

Larry Schneider, Television Specialist of San Quentin State Prison

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