SB394: Ending Juvenile Life without Parole

In California, over 6,500 people in prison are under the age of 18 and as young as 14 years old at the time of their crime. Many have been transferred to the adult criminal justice system: kids were tried as adults and sentenced to adult prison terms, without any consideration of their ability to change.

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SB 395: Protecting Youth Miranda Rights

Children - no matter how young - can waive their Miranda rights and be interrogated by law enforcement, despite numerous studies which show that children aren’t developmentally equipped to make such decisions.

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AB1308: Extending Youth Offender Parole (YOP) for Young People

Enacted in 2012, Youth Offender Parole provides a specialized parole process for young people who were age 22 or under at the time of a crime and sentenced to long adult prison terms.

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